The National:

SOME people really don’t like having Nicola Sturgeon in charge.

You hear the same old cries about a “constitutional obsession” from the Scottish Tories at least once a week. The irony apparently escapes them.

Their colleagues down in London seem unhappy with the idea of a devolved First Minister altogether, claiming the elected leader of the Scottish people should simply be “ignored”.

But one man has a whole different reason for not wanting Sturgeon to run the country altogether – he’s not happy she’s a woman.

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Asked if Nicola Sturgeon was a good leader by the Dundee-based TikTok account @rebreaknews2, the man happily presented his misogyny.

“I’m not a great fan of women in leadership at all,” he said.

“I’m not convinced we should have lawyers, certainly female lawyers, leading the country,” he added.

“The country’s in a mess. I’m not going to blame her but I don’t think that she’s going to be able to help it.

“I think I want to hear things from a man, a married man with kids.”

@rebreaknews2 Do you think #nicolasturgeon à good leader ? #dundee #snp ♬ original sound - rebreaknews

SNP MP Gavin Newlands responded to the video on Twitter: “Hilarious, if a little far-fetched, sketch from the new Scottish version of Brass Eye.

“At least I assume this is satire… #MisogynyOnStilts”

That was the Jouker’s first assumption as well.

But the TikTok account which posted the video has several of these “voxpop” style videos, asking people on the street their opinions on topics such as drugs, climate change, and independence.

If this one is satire, it’s the exception to the rule. 

Other responses to the video were a little less savoury in their choice of language, to say the least.

"Who wants to see a video of an arrogant and totally ignorant misogynist being interviewed?" one account wrote.

"An absolute embarrassment living in Dundee," another added.

SNP councillor Fatima Joji responded: "Women EVERYWHERE! Let’s stand for elections in our droves. We’re impacted by politics. For centuries, decisions have been made without thinking about women. We care and that’s enough to stand. This man feels threatened."