A PROMINENT supporter of Liz Truss has called on the next prime minister to stop focusing on offshore windfarms and pour money into fracking instead.

In a paper published by the think-tank Policy Exchange, Lord Frost, a former Cabinet minister in Boris Johnson’s government, wrote that the “current evidence” did not support the assertion that the UK faces a climate emergency.

Lord Frost goes on to state that renewable energy is “unsatisfactory” and demands that other technologies be prioritised instead.

He writes: “The prevailing mood is one in which individuals are asked to restrict their use of energy and in which unsatisfactory renewables technology is touted as the best solution to our problems.

“Instead of focusing on technological solutions that enable us to master our environment and get more energy in a more carbon-efficient way — nuclear, CCS, fracking, one day fusion – we have focused on managing demand so we can use medieval technology like wind power.” 

Fracking has been effectively banned in Scotland since 2019.  

The former Brexit negotiator also takes issue with “intellectual and NGO opinion” that asks people to adopt more environmentally conscious behaviour.

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“We are told to stop travelling, live local, eat less, stop eating meat, turn our lights out, and generally to stop being a burden.

"As most of us are generally reluctant to do this as individuals,the state has had to step in, with smart meters, heat pumps, LTZs, unsatisfactory electric cars, tailored taxation measures, and “nudges”.

“We have all gradually got used to this, and indeed internalised it, so that it seems normal to be lectured about the moral aspects of virtually every choice in our everyday lives." 

Scottish Green MSP Mark Ruskell said that Lord Frost's comments made a perfect case for abolishing the House of Lords. 

He said: "His clueless assertions on climate change are typical of a Westminster Government who have set their odd ideological prejudices against science and evidence.

"Scotland has a quarter of Europe’s offshore renewable energy potential. Wind power is cheaper than oil and gas and is one of the strongest technologies we can deploy quickly to cut emissions.

"Not only can we lead the continent in the drive to net zero and create thousands of jobs in the process, but the end result will be cheaper energy bills for everyone. I’d call that a pragmatic solution.

"With Greens in government in Scotland we’ll be working to massively accelerate deployment of onshore and offshore wind power in the forthcoming energy strategy.” 

Climate policy is listed as one of the areas holding the UK back from economic prosperity in Lord Frost’s paper.

Additionally he takes aim at Universal Credit, claiming that it prepares “intellectual and political ground for universal basic income schemes” which would destroy “the fundamental driver of centre-right politics [...] that for most people it is their own job to improve their life.”

He also states that the cohesion of the United Kingdom could be improved by “making it clear that a further referendum in Scotland is not justified and will never be justified unless there is a significant majority for independence over a sustained period.”

Lord Frost left Boris Johnson’s government in December last year, citing the Prime Minister’s net-zero commitments as one of the reasons for his resignation.

It comes as the Met Office issues an extreme heat warning for parts of England and Wales.

Last month the highest temperature since records began were reported in the UK, with experts stating that such heatwaves are ten times more likely to occur due to climate change.