LIZ Truss beamed with joy as she visited the world’s largest Union flag on Friday.

The Tory leadership hopeful posed for several pictures in front of the hangar doors on the Isle of Wight, which are painted with what is believed to be the biggest permanent image of the flag in the world.

The flag, 12m tall and 46m wide, has been in place on the Venture Quays doors since 1977, when the mural was installed for the Queen’s Jubilee.

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Truss, who this week branded Scotland’s First Minister an “attention seeker”, posed and grinned for around 10 photos in front of the striking wall.

The Foreign Secretary has been on a visit to the island with MP Bob Seely ahead of another leadership hustings against Rishi Sunak on Friday night.

On Thursday night, the pair faced a grilling from Conservative members and Sky News host Kay Burley.

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Truss and Sunak clashed over their economic policies after the Bank of England warned of a long recession.

The Foreign Secretary insisted a recession is not inevitable when asked about the Bank of England’s forecast for an outright recession and 13% inflation.

She told the studio audience: “What the Bank of England have said today is of course extremely worrying, but it is not inevitable. We can change the outcome and we can make it more likely that the economy grows.”

She said she wanted to keep taxes low and “do all we can to grow the economy by taking advantage of our post-Brexit freedom, unleashing investment, changing things like the procurement rules and doing things differently”.

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On the other hand, the former chancellor warned Truss’s plan would make the dire economic situation worse, warning of “misery for millions” by pouring “fuel on the fire”.

He said: “We in the Conservative party need to get real and fast because the lights on the economy are flashing red and the root cause is inflation.

“I’m worried that Liz Truss’s plans will make the situation worse.”