The National:

MSPS do some strange things during parliamentary recess.

Alex Cole-Hamilton was thrilled to be at the official launch of the Tartan Titan – the world’s longest inflatable assault course in Edinburgh – and happily bounced around for the cameras.

He and MP colleague Christine Jardine joined Scotland goalkeeper Craig Gordon, rugby’s Jamie Ritchie and lacrosse star Susie Oliphant at the Conifox Adventure Park.

The assault course features 50 sections of obstacles including one called the wipe out. We thought the LibDems had already been wiped out, electorally speaking, and might not want such a triggering reminder.

It was great to see that on the same day as interest rates increased, inflation was predicted to hit 13% and the Bank of England said a recession is incoming, Cole-Hamilton was doing that all time LibDem favourite pastime – showing off for the media.

Look, Willie Rennie isn’t in charge of the Scottish LibDems anymore. Somebody’s got to do photoshoots sitting on giant chairs and pretending to be a wizard, and if it’s not Cole-Hamilton who will it be?

Some things never change …