CELTIC fans offered their support for striking rail workers at their first game of the season.

In a video posted on Twitter crowds held up two large banners with one saying "up the workers" and the second "support the RMT". 

A chant of "F*** the Tories" could also be heard as Celtic faced Aberdeen for the first game of the season at Parkhead.

The post was captioned: "Green Brigade and Celtic Park with a show of support for the striking rail workers at the opening game of the season."

This summer has already seen a number of strikes from members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) and Aslef due to an ongoing pay dispute with further action planned for next month.

Relations between the UK Government and rail unions worsened over the weekend after Mick Whelan, general secretaryof Aslef accused Transport Secretary Grant Shapps of “lying” about negotiations over strikes.

Shapps had written in The Times: “The ‘Two Micks’, Lynch of the RMT and Whelan of Aslef, are taking the taxpayer for a ride, but not in the way they are meant to.

“RMT is stalling on reform and Aslef is dragging its feet in negotiations while both call more strikes. Enough.”

In response, Whelan told Times Radio on Saturday: “I say Mr Shapps is lying, quite simply, quite clearly.

“We’re not dragging our feet in negotiations, we negotiate with 14 private companies, we do not work for the Government or the DfT (Department for Transport).”

He added: “I would like Mr Shapps to get us out of this catch-22 situation that he misrepresents at every opportunity.”