THE BBC “conveniently cut off” comedian Joe Lycett’s criticism of the UK Government in a clip that was shared on social media.

Sir Lenny Henry introduced the world to “The Great Nation of Dudley” as he kicked off the 2022 Commonwealth games athlete’s parade in Birmingham on Thursday.

Among the acts to follow Henry was comedian Lycett, who declared himself as “Birmingham’s answer to Sporty Spice” as he introduced athletes from Asia.

“I’m thrilled to be here next to all these pyrotechnics in this highly flammable outfit,” he said, dressed in a frilly pink and white tracksuit.

He then attacked the UK Government’s hostile environment approach, saying: “I’m going to do something now that the British government doesn’t always do, and welcome some foreigners, this time from the region of Asia.”

The broadcaster took to its BBC Sport Twitter account to share a clip of Lycett’s introduction.

The tweet read: "Joe Lycett, you MUST tell us where you got that outfit!"

However, the version on social media cut after “flammable outfit” – before the comment about welcoming foreigners.

One Twitter user named Andrew Paul wrote in reply: “Should’ve put all of what he said on.”

Others echoed that sentiment, adding: “You cut off the best part”

Cameron Attridge, quoting the tweet, said: “Cue the Beeb cutting off a Government bashing joke (don't worry, just off this clip, we all heard it in the live broadcast). Seems the Tory lovers in charge of the social outputs can't take a joke well enough...”

Another, using the name Luke, said: “The BBC conveniently cutting off where he said ‘let’s do something the British government doesn’t always do and welcome some foreigners’”

Others were on hand to post the full clip of what was said.

The BBC has been approached for comment.