The National:

SCOTLAND only has one Labour MP, which makes it pretty easy to keep track.

But reports in the Metro on Thursday seem to have done what the party cannot, and increased their representation north of the Border.

SNP MP Chris Stephens pointed out the newspaper’s error after finding out that he was at risk of being sacked – by Labour leader Keir Starmer.

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In a report on Starmer firing shadow minister Sam Tarry after he joined a picket line in support of striking rail workers, the Metro wrote: “Frontbenchers ignored [Starmer’s orders] last month, and yesterday his MPs Diane Abbott, John McDonnell, Dawn Butler, Chris Stephens and Mick Whitley also picketed.”

The news came as a shock to Stephens, who represents Glasgow South West for the SNP.

He joked on Facebook: “Today's Nae Luck Award goes to today's Metro, who indicate that I'm in line to be sacked by Keir Starmer.”

Aberdeen SNP councillor Stephen Smith quipped in reply: “I'm sure you've been thrown out of better joints!”

With the trade unions turning on Starmer for his ban on MPs joining picket lines, the Labour leader will need all the support he can scrape up.