A “ONE-STOP shop” collection of Jacobite books, manuscripts and other materials will be officially opened in Perth in September.

The 1745 Association Collection, which will be housed at the AK Bell Library in the city’s York Place, comprises more than 500 books on the era, along with the papers of F Peter Lole, a leading authority on Jacobite glass, and other printed and manuscript material relating to all aspects of Jacobite heritage.

The association is a charitable organisation established in 1946 to study the Jacobite period, record and preserve the memory of those who participated in or had connections with the ’45, and endeavour to safeguard the Jacobite heritage.

The chair of the 1745 Association SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation), Michael Nevin said: “We hope it will become a leading public collection of Jacobite history and materials, not just in Scotland but anywhere in the world.

“It is particularly appropriate that the collection is in Perth because it was the only city visited by both James Francis Edward Stuart during the ’15 and his son Charles Edward Stuart during the ’45. It is easily accessible to scholars from anywhere in the central region.”

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While many of the books are accessible elsewhere, the association says its collection is unique because it offers a “one-stop shop” where students studying the Jacobite era can pursue their research in a comfortable location and be able to cross-reference different sources quickly and easily.

“In addition, we plan to collaborate with our friends and colleagues at the AK Bell Library and other local history societies in Perth to host regular talks and events there,” Nevin said.

Archivist for Culture Perth and Kinross, Ishbel MacKinnon, said: “The 1745 Association Collection is a splendid addition to Culture Perth and Kinross’s Archive and Local & Family History Collections, which include many complementary resources for the study of Jacobite history.

“We look forward to collaborating with the 1745 Association at future events and activities to bring together people with a shared interest in this important aspect of Scotland’s cultural heritage.”

The launch will be marked by a day-long conference, including a presentation of important artefacts from the Jacobite era and talks on aspects of Jacobite heritage.

The complete programme and tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-new-beginning-the-1745-association-collection-at-the-ak-bell-library-tickets-383403428977 with a deadline for bookings of September 1.