EMERGENCY services are on the scene after a wind turbine caught fire in North Ayrshire.

At around 5.30pm, pictures and videos emerged of thick black smoke and flames emerging from one of the blades on a turbine between West Kilbride and Dalry.

Local fire brigades are attending the scene.

North Coast councillor Todd Ferguson said: "It is not a good thing to see - although wind turbines are a form of green energy they still have engines and mechanical parts - and a lot of these turbines do no have fire mitigation measures so this turbine is not likely to be recoverable.

"I believe the issue is becoming a bigger problem in the industry and it is one of the problems of moving forward with new technology.

"I wonder with the hot weather over recent days whether that has had any effect.

It is still a relatively rare thing to happen but fire issues such as this are going to have to be looked into closer."

A turbine last went on fire in the area near Ardrossan during a storm in December 2011.