As temperatures start to soar over the summer season, many of us will be opening our windows in hopes of getting some fresh air to cool us down. 

And although having the windows open lets houses feel cooler, it also seems to act as an open invite for some pesky bugs and creepy crawlers. 

Leaving many people to hunt around for the latest gadgets and gizmos that make bugs steer clear of coming into our homes. 

But it turns out there is a special little trick that helps keep bugs and spiders away. 

The National: (Canva)(Canva)

With Garden Buildings Direct suggestion that herbs might just be the answer. 

And they've even compiled a handy little list of items that can be used to keep bugs away. 

What herbs can be used to keep bugs at bay?

Basil and mint will provide a good defence against bugs preparing to venture indoors.

A spokesman for said: “There are some useful household items such as herbs which are traditionally used for cooking which also repel spiders, so people may already have these at home and available to begin to defend their home from these unwanted creepy-crawlies.”

Six herbs that keep bugs out of your home:


A popular herb that you might already have in your kitchen. Keeping a pot around the house will help keep bugs at bay as they don’t like its scent.


Another herb that is common in a household, with its scent deterring bugs like spiders and keeping your home smelling fresh.


A spice with a strong aroma, which is not pleasing for spiders. Whether you use a cinnamon spice or cinnamon oil it should do the trick.


Again the theme of certain scents deterring bugs is prevalent here as a lavender plant should work in that regard. Even a lavender candle can help you best prepare for the next month.


The flowers of the Chrysanthemum are off-putting to creepy crawlers, so either growing some yourself or buying them will help.


Again the strong scent onions give off is key here to keep bugs away.