SCOTTISH Tory MPs have been urged to back a no-confidence vote in Boris Johnson’s Government ahead of a last-ditch attempt to force the Prime Minister from office.

Johnson, who was forced to announce his resignation earlier this month after a humiliating mass exodus of ministers from his Government, has tabled a confidence vote in his administration which MPs will vote on today.

He pre-empted a move from Labour to table a confidence vote in the Government and is expected to cling on despite no longer being backed by his own party because Tory MPs are thought to be wary of an election.

Scottish Tory MPs including Douglas Ross, David Mundell and Andrew Bowie earlier this month added their voices to the chorus of Conservative members calling on the Prime Minister to step down and are now being urged to force him from office.

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Scottish Secretary Alister Jack, the MP for Dumfries and Galloway, remained loyal to Johnson until the end, expressing regret when the Prime Minister finally accepted he could no longer remain in post.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford has urged Scotland’s six Tory MPs to back the LibDem amendment to the Government’s confidence motion, which needs the backing of a simple majority of MPs to pass and trigger the dissolution of the Government.

He said they faced the choice of voting to “protect Boris Johnson” or voting to “protect Scotland”.

Johnson still enjoys a majority of nearly 80 MPs, meaning the motion is likely to fail. If successful, it would trigger a General Election.

Blackford said: “Scotland has had no confidence in the Tories since the 1950s and has been held back under Westminster control that continues to made deeply damaging decisions against Scotland’s interests. 

“Failure to provide any meaningful help during the cost of living crisis that they created, imposing the most damaging Brexit on Scotland against our democratic will and partying in Downing Street at the height of a global health pandemic - it’s time to show this corrupt Tory government the door. 

“Scottish Tory MPs face a clear choice today: they can vote to protect Boris Johnson or they can vote to protect Scotland. It’s that simple. 

“Now more than ever, people in Scotland look on at Westminster in horror. A brighter future for Scotland - free from Westminster control - is only possible with the full powers of independence.”

Speaking in London on Monday, Labour leader Keir Starmer described the fact Johnson could expect to win the confidence vote "farcical". 

He said: "The Prime Minister has put down this vote of confidence in himself and his Government.

“We’ve got this extraordinary situation. In the debate last night, I think all of the candidates to be prime minister (were asked) ‘would you have the current Prime Minister in your cabinet’?

“And none of them said they would.

“Tonight he’s asking them to go into voting lobbies to vote confidence in him continuing as Prime Minister so this is getting farcical.

“And you’ve got a Government that’s been propped up for months and months and months, is likely to be propped up again this afternoon in that debate”.