The National:

RISHI Sunak has been preparing his leadership bid for months.

The slick former chancellor was caught having registered a “ReadyforRishi” website name in December 2021, just four days after a photo was published of Boris Johnson drinking wine at an event in the Downing Street garden during lockdown.

Sunak has faced attacks by the other candidates in the leadership race for having plotted behind his boss’s back – and staff in No 10 reportedly blame him for Johnson’s downfall.

You would think that someone who had been preparing his leadership campaign for months would be a little more prepared to handle the details.

But for all Sunak’s graphic design budget, his team seems to have failed to hire a copy editor.

Embarrassingly for the Tory hopeful, he appeared at the leadership hustings run by ConservativeHome with a glaring spelling error over his shoulder.

The National:

Behind Sunak was a board with a QR code urging people to sign up and join his “campiaign”.

The embarrassment was only compounded when, after being asked his biggest weakness, Sunak suggested he was a perfectionist ...

Perhaps he should have gone with Kemi Badenoch’s tactic.

The National:

His rival in the leadership race used a camera so poor that it dropped out leaving her as a disembodied voice on more than one occasion.