NICOLA Sturgeon is set to publish the second paper in the Scottish Government’s “detailed prospectus” for independence.

The First Minister will address journalists at Bute House at the launch of the document titled "Renewing Democracy Through Independence".

The first of these independence papers, described as a “scene setter”, was revealed last month. The paper highlighted economic areas where the UK is outperformed by a group of other independent European nations.

The second is to be published on Thursday, with Sturgeon expected to address the “democratic deficit Scotland faces”.

The First Minister will criticise how “a Prime Minister with no democratic endorsement from Scotland is about to be replaced by yet another Prime Minister that Scotland hasn’t voted for” as she outlines the case for democratic renewal.

How can we watch the First Minister’s launch speech?

Nicola Sturgeon will speak to journalists at Bute House from 11am.

A live stream of the event, which will include an opening speech as well as questions from the media, will be broadcast on the Scottish Government’s Twitter page.

Where can we find the paper?

The Scottish Government’s “Renewing Democracy Through Independence” paper will be published on its website at around 11am, the same time as Nicola Sturgeon begins to address journalists at Bute House.

You will be able to find the paper on the “publications” section of the Scottish Government website.