SUELLA Braverman has deleted a tweet claiming she had enough MP nominations to continue running in the Tory leadership race, just minutes after posting it. 

The Attorney General had tweeted: “I’m happy to confirm that I’ve been nominated by my colleagues to stand for the leadership.

“I’m conscious of the honour they’ve done me and I look forward to the first ballot tomorrow.”

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But within minutes, the post was gone.

The National:

But despite the uncertainty, Braverman did in fact make it onto the ballot.

Braverman, appearing at the Centre for Social Justice hustings, said she was “honoured” to move to the next stage of the Conservative Party contest.

She said she was “honoured and excited”, after the 1922 Committee confirmed the candidates who would continue to the next ballot.

Braverman said she was looking forward to the process playing out.

Nominations opened and closed on Tuesday, and will be followed by a vote by MPs on Wednesday and a second on Thursday to whittle down the contenders to the final two - before the vote opens up to the membership and hustings begin. 

To officially run, each leadership candidate needed support from a proposer, seconder, and 18 other MPs.