A NEW Gaelic-speaking school is set to open in Paisley. 

For the first time, children across Renfrewshire will be able to attend the special Gaelic school.

It will initially consist of one class within West Primary School, and is set to open from next month.

The school will welcome children into a composite primary one-to-three class where they will be taught lessons by a principal teacher, while only speaking and writing in Gaelic.

As demand grows, additional teachers will be recruited as needed.

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It’s hoped that more parents will be interested in registering their child to learn using the Gaelic medium in the future.

Any child who lives in Renfrewshire can attend the Gaelic provision regardless of where in the area they live.

The school will primarily accept pupils in primary one, two and three classes, with older children needing to speak and write fluent Scottish Gaelic for their age to be able to attend.

West Primary was chosen as the location for the Gaelic class due to its central location, access and transport links.

Head teacher Lynne McGinn said teachers at the school are really excited about the new Gaelic class.

“We are pleased to be able to provide a base for the Gaelic class," she said.

"Everyone at the school is ready to welcome the children from August and to help them settle into their new school as quickly as possible.

“Our school is proud of its bilingual culture and looks forward to the addition of a dedicated Gaelic provision to enhance this further.”

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Convener for education at Renfrewshire Council, councillor Emma Rodden, said: “There has been growing interest from families in Renfrewshire who wish their children to be educated while speaking and writing in Gaelic.

"We have listened to these families and worked at pace to provide the learning environment requested within their own local authority area.

"Instead of having to travel long distances, Renfrewshire children will be able to remain in Renfrewshire and learn with others from their own communities.

“Learning while speaking and writing only in Gaelic will give our children an immersive experience, allowing them to learn the Gaelic language while completing their normal schoolwork.”

You can find more information on Gaelic education in schools here.