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*We're resharing this article from the archive amid news that Boris Johnson is plotting a return to Number 10*

BORIS Johnson has announced he is resigning as Prime Minister.

Or, rather, he has announced he will resign after a Conservative party leadership election takes place. 

During his tenure, Johnson made many efforts to ingratiate himself with the Scottish public.

After being booed during his first visit to Bute House as Prime Minister he vowed to remedy this problem by snubbing Nicola Sturgeon’s invitations on future visits.

Other highlights of Johnson’s levelling-up agenda include scrapping a high-speed rail-link to Glasgow, proposing a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland which was rejected as prohibitively expensive, and nearly drowning while on holiday in the Highlands.

A recent survey by Ipsos MORI's Scottish Political Monitor found that satisfaction with the Prime Minister was at an all-time low - with 83% dissatisfied with his performance. 

So, after nearly three years in Number 10, the people of Glasgow gave their verdict on his performance.

One man, when asked about Johnson staying on as Prime Minister until the autumn, said: “I think it’s mental. I think if he’s going, he should be gone.”

The National: This woman said Boris Johnson was a "chancer"This woman said Boris Johnson was a "chancer"

Another said that while he was “happy” Johnson was gone he needed to leave Number 10 sooner rather than later.

He said: “I don’t know how he has the authority to think he should last that long. He has to go now.”

When asked about his conduct in office one woman said she thought Boris Johnson was a “liar”.

She said: “I think the man has got away with murder so far and as long as he has any supporters he’ll think he’s still on a winning streak.

“He’s like most people who are liars, they believe their own propaganda.

“He’s a chancer, he’ll try anything. I just think he should leave the country.”

Musing on the nature of Johnson’s departure another man added that it was also an indictment of the Conservative party as a whole.

The National: This man said the Conservative party was full of "self-serving gits"This man said the Conservative party was full of "self-serving gits"

He said: “It’s an unsurprising development that a party so corrupt is now seemingly horrified at all the stuff they all knew about but are now just taking the opportunity to jump ship and save face.

“[They’re] a bunch of self-serving gits, frankly.”

Finally, one man said that while it was a good thing Johnson was “on his way out” he was looking forward to the future: “I’m not really big on politics, to be honest.

"[But] he was entertaining for a while and hopefully we get someone in that’s better and more competent than him.”