SUELLA Braverman, the Attorney General, has announced her desire to become the next Prime Minister as she called for Boris Johnson to resign on live TV.

Seen as a Johnson loyalist, Braverman has not offered her resignation like others who have turned on the Prime Minister, but told ITV’s Robert Peston his time was up.

In contrast, Michael Gove was sacked by the Prime Minister for telling him privately he must go, whereas Braverman - who holds a key role in national security - remains in post at time of publication. 

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The extraordinary moment happened live on TV on Wednesday night and the top legal adviser to the UK Government said Johnson had handled the crisis that has engulfed Downing Street since Tuesday “appallingly”.

Johnson has clung on to power despite a mass exodus from his Government, insisting he has a “mandate” from the landslide victory he achieved in 2019.

But his opponents – now appearing to include most of the Conservative party – say he is a block on the work of the Government.

Amid speculation he could be ousted in another confidence vote, minds have been drawn to the prospect of his replacement.

After criticising the Prime Minister’s handling of the scandal, Braverman was asked by ITV’s political editor if she would consider running.

She replied: “I’ll be straight with you Robert; yes, I will.

“If there is a leadership contest, I will put my name into the ring.

“I love this country, my parents came here with absolutely nothing, it was Britain that gave them hope and security and opportunity and this country’s offered me incredible opportunities in education and in my career.

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“I owe a debt of gratitude to this country and to serve as Prime Minister would be the greatest honour, so yes, I will try.”

Johnson has now suffered more than 50 resignations from his Government since Tuesday – the highest number of resignations ever seen by a Prime Minister.

He will struggle to fill ministerial posts, Labour have said, meaning the Government will be effectively paralysed until Johnson relinquishes power.