JUSTICE Secretary Keith Brown has attacked the UK Government for an "unacceptable snub" after he was unable to meet with any ministers during a visit to London, despite making requests to five.

The Scottish Government minister said meetings with Home Secretary Priti Patel and defence minister Leo Docherty, which would have taken place, were all declined.

Separate requests to meet Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab both went unanswered.

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Brown said the Ministry of Defence (MoD) also had no record of another meeting due to be held with defence minister and former Scottish Tory leader Baroness Goldie.

“It is completely unacceptable that our attempts to discuss a range of topics absolutely crucial to the people of Scotland with UK Government ministers have been snubbed, rejected or fallen on deaf ears,” he said.

“Topics on the agenda for the various meetings included the impact on Scotland of new UK victims’ legislation, the future of defence industry jobs in Scotland and what can be further done to help former miners who have secured a historic pardon by the Scottish Government.

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“The House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee recently published a report on Defence in Scotland, it’s the first in a series they’re working on.

"The report makes a specific recommendation for MoD to do better at engaging with the Scottish Government and Scottish local authorities.

“It shows what little priority the UK Government places on engaging with the Scottish Government on fundamental issues that affect Scottish peoples’ livelihoods and security at a time of heightened international tensions.”