DOMINIC Cummings has told his old boss to stop using the war in Ukraine to distract from his domestic scandals.

The comment came in response to a tweet from Zelenskyy thanking Boris Johnson for his support amid the Russian invasion.

The Ukrainian president tweeted: “Held talks with @BorisJohnson. Thanked for the unwavering support of 🇺🇦 - the recent decision to provide £1 billion in security aid and today's - £100 million. Talked about food security for the world and security guarantees for 🇺🇦. Grateful for 🇬🇧’s willingness to host #URC2023”

Cummings, the Prime Minister's former senior aide, noted the timing of Zelenskyy’s tweet as the Prime Minister faces a scandal surrounding the appointment of ex-deputy chief whip Chris Pincher, who is the subject of more than a dozen misconduct claims. 

Johnson currently stands accused of lying about what he knew of Pincher’s previous alleged indiscretions prior to his appointment in February. 

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The Prime Minister has recently been accused of using his relationship with the Ukrainian president to deflect from the barrage of his domestic scandals.

A report from the i showed that Johnson’s phone calls with Zelenskyy happened to occur at times when he was most under pressure.

On June 15, Details of a call between Johnson and Zelenskyy had been published by the Government less than an hour after the resignation of the Prime Minister’s ethics adviser Lord Geidt.

On the same morning that Sir Graham Brady announced that there would be a no-confidence vote in Johnson in early June, it was revealed that the Prime Minister had just spoken to the Ukrainian president.

In April, when it was revealed that Johnson had received a fine for his involvement in the partygate scandal, it was announced that Zelenskyy and the Prime Minister had spoken that same day.

And on Tuesday, as the scandal surrounding Johnson’s knowledge of concerns about Pincher hit fever pitch, Zelenskyy tweeted that he had talked with Johnson.

Cummings then echoed the connection made between Johnson’s scandals and phone calls with the Ukrainian president.

He tweeted: “Time for MPs / hacks to stop broken 🛒 using war to divert from lies + crimes.”

The tweet came as an urgent question was being debated in the Commons on the Pincher scandal.