UK CULTURE secretary Nadine Dorries is being urged to appear before MSPs to explain how plans to privatise Channel 4 will impact on Scotland.

Holyrood’s Culture Committee has written to the UK minster after hearing industry representatives express major concerns about the potential consequences of the proposals north of the Border.

The announcement by the UK Government that it is planning to sell off the state-owned broadcaster sparked fears it could put an end to the channel’s regional operations.

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In the evidence session to MSPs in June, Screen Scotland director David Smith told MSPs there is “no evidence to suggest that a sale of Channel 4 to a private buyer will be good for Scotland.”

Nicole Kleeman, managing director of Firecrest Films, also told the Holyrood committee she was “greatly concerned” after reading the UK Government’s White Paper on the proposals.

In a letter to Dorries, convener of Holyrood’s Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee Clare Adamson said: “The committee was particularly struck by the views expressed by our witnesses at the anticipated consequences of a change to the channel’s operating model on the Scottish screen sector.

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“The committee therefore invites you to give oral evidence as soon as practical after our summer recess on your proposals for Channel 4 as set out in the UK Government’s white paper.”

A DCMS spokesperson said: "Moving Channel 4 out of public ownership will give it access to greater investment to grow and create more unique programming for audiences across the UK.

"Channel 4 has excellent relationships with independent producers, including in Scotland, and there is no reason this should change. It will remain a public service broadcaster under private ownership and keep its obligations to produce regional content outside London and England."