THE Catalan Government supports First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in her plans for a second independence referendum and “always are in favour of democratic expressions”, a source has revealed.

Earlier this week, Sturgeon announced plans for a further vote on Scotland’s independence in October 2023, and confirmed that she had instructed the Lord Advocate to seek a ruling from the UK Supreme Court on whether a bill to hold such a plebiscite without Westminster’s consent would be legal.

Speaking exclusively to the National, a source within the Catalan Government said: “We respect the Scottish Government decision and we support the FM Nicola Sturgeon in whatever she considers is the best for her country.

“We always are in favour of democratic expressions.”

This follows earlier comments by Dolors Feliu, the president of the 80,000-strong Assemblea Nacional Catalana or Catalan National Assembly (ANC), who endorsed Sturgeon’s strategy for securing a second referendum, telling the National: “In a context of awakening of stateless nations across Europe, and of their aspirations to become independent states, this new Scottish roadmap reinforces the validity of the unilateral path, and legitimizes fait accompli as a way to advancing the processes of self-determination around the world.”

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Similar expressions of support have been voiced throughout the Catalan independence movement, with Jordi Turull, the new leader of the pro-independence Catalan party Junts, writing on Twitter: “From Catalonia, we convey our full support for the @scotgov and First Minister @NicolaSturgeon to push for an independence referendum in October 2023. The Scottish way is the democratic way, an approach we Catalans also share, to achieve independence.”

Sturgeon’s announcement was also welcomed this week by Sinn Fein vice president Michelle O’Neill, who commented: "Scotland’s future will be determined by the Scottish people through a second referendum.”