A SEAFOOD processing plant in Uddingston has been bought over after hundreds of jobs were lost at the site in early March.

The Dawnfresh operation in Uddingston has been purchased by Thistle Seafoods after it went into administration earlier this year, creating 40 new jobs in the process.

Dawnfresh had been one of Scotland’s largest seafood producers, processing 10,000 tonnes a year across 350 product lines.

However, serious financial issues at their Uddingston site caused the company to go into administration, with 200 jobs being lost while 77 members of staff were kept on to assist with the winding-up order.

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Following the collapse of the site, local MSP Stephanie Callaghan had been active in trying to renew manufacturing at the site by engaging with the Scottish Government, South Lanarkshire Council and Scottish Enterprise to pursue alternative commercial opportunities for the plant.

And now Thistle Seafoods have come in to take over the Uddingston site.

Callaghan has said she will be meeting with Thistle Seafoods to understand their vision for the project and stress the value of the area's local workforce and logistics opportunities.

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Callaghan said: “The seafood industry in Scotland is booming, it made no sense to me for the Uddingston factory to close – the industry is a Scottish success story.

“Rather than retreat from an expanding market, I saw, along with the Scottish Government, South Lanarkshire Council and Scottish Enterprise, a window of opportunity to breathe new life into the former Dawnfresh site.

“The Uddingston operation provides Thistle Seafoods with access to skilled workers, as well as modern plant and equipment. The perfect recipe for a buyer to quickly restart production and boost the local economy.

“Thistle Seafoods presents a new beginning, a fresh start for local seafood production. The company has announced 40 immediate jobs for Uddingston, however, I am hopeful more jobs will follow.”