A DOG became seriously ill after eating drugs that were lying out in the open on an East Lothian beach.

The incident occurred on the West Beach in North Berwick, close to to the RNLI slipway, with pet dog Rory eating the suspected marijuana which was lying on the ground.

Rory was taken to the vets at midnight on Sunday, where he was put on a drip overnight.

The dog has now made a full recovery but his owner urged dog walkers to be vigilant on the beach.

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Judy Lockhart-Hunter, chair of North Berwick Community Council (NBCC), said of the incident: "It is outrageous that illegal drugs are lying around town for anyone to pick up.

"This must be stopped.

"It has sadly been a dog that has borne the brunt of the effects this time, it could be a small child next.

"When people visit the beach, there are many natural dangers to be mindful off; we don't need the reputation that people need to check the sand for illegal substances too.

"The CAPP (community and police partnership) meetings for North Berwick have not restarted since Covid, the police must get these up and running again to assist with tackling this type of behaviour.

"NBCC sincerely hope that the dog makes a full recovery."