AN Italian TikTok star known for his educational videos is set to graduate from the University of Dundee – and he plans to put a fresh focus on Scotland.

Davide Patron, 22, shot to internet stardom with to his linguistic related videos where he shares tips for learning languages.

He has almost 700,000 followers on TikTok and more than 416,000 on Instagram, allowing him to reach more thanone million accounts.

Patron said: “During lockdown I was in Barcelona on Erasmus. I was already helping my friends with English, giving some tips and tricks on how to pronounce words and phrases, things that I’ve learnt throughout the years.

“I thought I’d use TikTok for something positive, educational in this case, and started posting my tips and tricks. Within a week, one of the videos exploded and went viral.

“People said I made learning fun, so I carried on.

“I never thought this venture would grow as far as it has. I started it just for fun and because I wanted to help people learn English in a relatively fun way.”

Patron’s graduation from his undergraduate degree in finance will double as a celebration of his academic achievements and the two-year anniversary of his TikTok account.

Receiving 10 million views per month, his success resulted in a book deal, allowing Patron to publish his debut work titled English Survival Kit last year.

Despite his success teaching language tips on TikTok, Patron says he would like to explore other career paths alongside his online ventures.

He added: “I’m definitely going to carry on doing what I’m doing.

“My plan after graduating is to move to Glasgow. I really like Scotland and want to stay in the country.”

Patron plans on organising a "Scottish Week" on his account where he will educate people on Scottish pronunciation and slang.