SCOTTISH independence supporters will rally in commemoration of the Battle of Bannockburn this Saturday for the first All Under One Banner march since the Scottish Government announced plans for a second referendum.

On 25 June, activists will assemble at the Auld Stirling Bridge and proceed to Bannockburn Field for a demonstration in support of Scotland’s right to decide the question of independence.

In 1314, the Battle of Bannockburn saw the army of Robert the Bruce emerge victorious over the forces of King Edward II in the First War of Scottish Independence.

A statement on the All Under One Banner Facebook page explained the significance of holding the march to coincide with the Battle of Bannockburn’s anniversary, saying: “The victory at Bannockburn resonates through time; that Scotland is a sovereign Nation, and the people of Scotland have the inalienable right of self determination. Bannockburn demonstrated what can be achieved if we unite and stand together, and take decisive action.”

The statement calls upon First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to “use the mandates” and legislate for a second independence referendum, adding: “It’s Our Right to Decide.”

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Amongst the speakers in attendance at the demonstration will be SNP foreign affairs spokesperson and MP for Stirling Alyn Smith, who told the National: “I’m looking forward to welcoming folks to Bannockburn and Stirling. There’s a spring in our step as we take our positive campaign forward with the first of the white papers now issued.

“I was privileged back in 2004 to address the Bannockburn rally just after I was elected to the European Parliament; I remember it was one of the very few days in the year when it rains in Stirling, so I had to keep it short.

"I binned my prepared speech and quoted one of the stewards when the march had been getting a bit straggled. 

"He had said ‘We need to close ranks’ and that advice remains true today.

“The Yes movement is diverse and we don’t agree on everything, but the only source of encouragement and support for any Yesser is us, other Yessers. Everyone will have a great time in Stirling!”