SNP MP Amy Callaghan has apologised after she was featured in a leaked audio recording calling on her colleagues to rally around Patrick Grady after his suspension.

Glasgow North MP Grady was found to have made an “unwanted sexual advance” towards a member of staff, who was then a teenager, in 2016.

Last week the Commons Independent Expert Panel recommended he be suspended from parliament for two days, while the SNP also withdrew the whip until that time was up.

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Over the weekend, an audio recording of a meeting of SNP MPs was released to the Daily Mail – featuring the party’s Westminster chief Ian Blackford saying he was “very much looking forward to welcoming Patrick back into the group next week” and calling on members to offer Grady “as much support as possible”.

East Dunbartonshire MP Callaghan was also featured on the audio, telling her colleagues: “We should be rallying together around [Patrick] to support him at this time.”

Grady’s victim, who still works for the party, said after the clip emerged that it was now difficult to see how he could return to work – and suggested he may take legal action.

Meanwhile, opposition parties called on Blackford to step down from his chief role at Westminster.

On Monday afternoon, Callaghan became the first MP recorded speaking at the meeting to issue an apology.

“This can and should only start with a wholehearted apology to anyone – especially survivors of harassment – who has been hurt or triggered as a result of this week,” she wrote.

“I have been searingly reflective and honest with myself. Whilst I can’t forgive myself for how inappropriate it was for me to frame my input this way, I owe everyone, not least survivors and my constituents, an explanation.”

Callaghan said she is sorry and takes “full responsibility” for her “poorly worded” statement during the meeting. “I’m taking full accountability for the hurt and disappointment I’ve caused, not least of all to those directly impacted by sexual misconduct in this case.”

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The 30-year-old, who returned to the House of Commons earlier this year after suffering a brain haemorrhage, said it is essential to support survivors.

“I should have prefaced my comments and reiterated this throughout my contribution. I believed I was in a situation where my support of survivors was implied. I was wrong. This isn’t good enough.

“My comments without this context absolutely warrant the upset they have caused. I am truly sorry.”

Callaghan went on to say that as a party the SNP are “falling short” in supporting complainants.

“Zero tolerance can’t be a slogan, it has to be real,” she told readers.

The MP confirmed she had written to the group’s chief whip asking for a “full root and branch review” by an independent organisation looking into misconduct and harassment structures.

Callaghan was not the only SNP MP expressing concerns over misconduct processes in the party. 

In a pair of tweets on Monday, her colleague Joanna Cherry said: “I wasn’t at the SNP Westminster group meeting last week.

“I don’t condone the covert recording or leak. However, for some time the SNP has had significant problems in how it handles complaints.

“My party needs to reflect on the contrast between the treatment of different offenders and to review our arrangements for the pastoral care of complainers.”

Cherry has frequently been at odds with party leadership over a number of issues including her opposition to reform of gender recognition legislation.