SAM Heughan has divulged more details of his new TV show Suspect, which he stars in alongside James Nesbitt and Richard E Grant – and said that he is a "proud Scot", with Outlander filming under way.

Speaking on the Lorraine Show, he called the crime thriller “really intense” as he spoke about how the show will air with two episodes a night until its finale.

Talking to Lorraine, he said: “Each episode is a two hander. So you’re literally with the lead character, Danny, and he’s trying to find out what happened to his daughter and each episode he’s sort of pressing each character and trying to find out if they had something to do with her death.”

The crime drama will focus on Danny (James Nesbitt), a detective desperate to find out who killed his daughter (Imogen King).

Heughan will play boxer and Danny’s old police partner, Ryan, who will be the primary focus of episode five and is one of the seven suspects that the drama will focus on throughout the week.

The show will premiere on Channel 4 on Sunday, June 19 and conclude on Wednesday, June 22.

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Heughan also discussed how the programme is perfect for bingeing and commented on the use of “extended takes” throughout the series.

In the interview, Heughan touched on his other projects such as the upcoming seventh season of his hit show Outlander, revealing that it has started filming.

When asked about how he feels regarding how the show has helped Scotland’s international profile, Heughan said that he was a “proud Scot” and a “huge lover of his homeland”.

He said: “We’re just showing the beauty of Scotland but also the creativity and the great crew – the great talent we’ve got in Scotland as well.”

Additionally, he revealed his road-tour TV show alongside fellow Scot and Outlander actor Graham McTavish, Men in Kilts, is being worked on.

In the Starz show, the actors discover the heritage and history of Scotland, travelling to important sites across Scotland, and will even visit New Zealand in the new season which is set to premiere this year.