ANTI-POVERTY activist and cook Jack Monroe has slapped down a request to appear on Piers Morgan’s ailing new TV show.

The controversial host left his role on Good Morning Britain (GMB) in 2021 after storming off following a heated discussion with his colleague, Alex Beresford, about Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Morgan was then hired by press mogul Rupert Murdoch to head up a primetime slot on the new talkTV television channel.

After initial high ratings, the channel has seen Morgan’s viewing base collapse by as much as 80% – with other primetime slots officially recording zero viewers.

The "Piers Morgan Uncensored" show asked Monroe to appear – but she refused and posted an attack on Morgan on her Twitter account.

The activist shared a message apparently from a producer on Morgan’s show, who wrote: “Hi Jack, Are you interested in coming on to Piers Morgan’s new show Piers Morgan Uncensored soon?

“The show is really keen to cover the cost of living crisis – of course – and also bring your recipes and approach to our global audience. Piers would love to have you. He's a huge fan - as is the team.”

Monroe shared the message, quoting “he’s a huge fan” alongside an image showing the host has her blocked on Twitter.

Monroe followed up by writing: “(There is a masochistic part of me that is a tiny, tiny bit tempted, though. I’m not sure he’d enjoy it!)”

She further claimed that at the time Morgan had blocked her he had gone “into a massive, disproportionate tantrum saying I was 'barred from his show for life' (he was presenting GMB at the time, and lo and behold, every time their producers called to book me, I’d be mysteriously cancelled for no reason. For years.)

“In the end I asked them to stop calling me til he’d gone. They would laugh nervously and say ‘he’s never going to leave this job…’

“WELL. It turns out I’ve sat on the GMB sofa more times than Piers has in the last year or so, so who’s fucking laughing now?!”