AN SNP grandee has urged people to get behind a funding campaign for an independent Scottish broadcaster as their effort enters the final stages.

Broadcasting Scotland has set out to raise £20,000 in order to stave off a financial crisis, and now has just hours until the fundraiser closes.

The broadcaster wrote on its website: “Scotland stands on the edges of a new era and at Broadcasting Scotland we want to be ready to provide the fair and balanced reporting that Scotland deserves. To be able to provide the kind of news service that can be trusted by viewers across Scotland, we need your support.”


It said that its primary funding model is to ask supporters to pledge £5 a month towards their operating costs – but investment in new kit has left an immediate shortfall.

Broadcasting Scotland wrote on Twitter: “With a day and a half to go, our total has jumped to over £8.5k. Thank you.

“Fundraising often goes to wire, but in these interesting times, the need for an independent Scottish Broadcaster has never been greater.

“Please support us if you can afford it.”

Linda Fabiani, the former SNP MSP who served as deputy presiding officer from 2016-2021, reshared the post, adding: “Please donate if you can – independent broadcasting on the road to the referendum.”

The message was echoed by the Women for Independence campaign group, which wrote: “We are in the run-up to a referendum. We desperately need independent broadcasters to ensure a fair and nonpartisan coverage of Scotland's politics. Please support if you can!”

Other current SNP MSPs including Collette Stevenson and Paul McLennan have also urged people to get involved with the fundraiser.

Broadcasting Scotland said it aimed to show "Scotland through a Scottish Lens", saying it wanted to produce programmes for a "modern, confident, outward-looking nation".

You can find out more, or donate to the cause, on Broadcasting Scotland’s website here.