TWO major warehousing expansions by Scottish logistics firm Bullet Express will add to the nation's storage, warehousing and logistics capabilities.

The haulier has opened new facilities at Westway Park, Renfrew, adding 67,000 sq ft, or 14%, of storage to its existing Glasgow-centric 492,000 sq ft with room for an additional 12,000 pallets.

David McCutcheon, co-founder and CEO at Bullet Express, said: “Storage is the limiting factor and our clients need more and more of it to accompany all the other services we provide.

“Most warehousing is only 12 meters high and we’ll probably be at full storage capacity by September.

“We are going to expand again by opening our new 140,000 sq ft storage facility that will be 20 meters high in Bailieston, Glasgow, capable of storing 15,000 pallets."

Bullet Express has taken advantage of the post-pandemic change in planning adopted by many of its England-based clients who realised that they would benefit from a Scottish "one-stop shop" to handle their just-in-time operations as they themselves combat rising operational costs.

Where previously clients had to hire three or four different contractors to handle different phases of freight shipments from English ports of entry to final delivery, Bullet Express can do everything and on a world-wide scale.

As backlogged freight containers, especially from the Far East, begin to be drip-fed into UK warehousing, the demand for that warehousing space has increased, as has the requirement for a Scottish hub that can service Ireland and northern Scotland nightly.

This latest expansion will add another 25% of storage that the haulier can offer to just-in-time clients as freight movements and world trade resumes.