CLIMATE activists have been disrupting a conference in Glasgow Centrals’ Grand Central Hotel as they slam US finance giant Vanguard’s investment in fossil fuels.

According to the Financial Times, Vanguard is the biggest investor in coal in the world - with $86bn worth of holdings in firms that produce or burn thermal coal.

Protesters from Extinction Rebellion interrupted speakers at panels and held banners with phrases such as "Unregulated Unaccountable Unstoppable" and "Vanguard; invested in climate destruction".

The National:

Outside of the venue, activists held a rally where they sounded fire alarms and make statements about the company's investments.

Michael Carr, 60, management consultant, said: "Vanguard investments in fossil fuels are not consistent with world climate goals. I’m here today to say to investors, ‘put our children and the planet before profit. Stop investing in fossil fuels.’”

Angela Paton, 49, carer, said: “Companies like this should tell the truth about where they invest the money of others, not green washing when they have so many get out clauses. I’m carrying out this action to let people hear the truth.”

Glasgow’s conference comes as part of a series of Sustainable Life talks for Vanguard to promote their new "sustainable" policies to potential investors.

This has led Extinction Rebellion to accuse the company of greenwashing, a term coined to describe companies who disguise their harmful environmental practices under the guise of being environmentally friendly.