FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon will set out a vision for an independent Scotland today – as she publishes the first of a series of papers, alongside Green Party co-leader and Scottish Government minister Patrick Harvie.

The “Building a New Scotland” series will form the prospectus for an independent Scotland, addressing the huge potential an independent Scotland will have and challenges that will be faced after a Yes vote.

The first paper will “detail how neighbouring European countries comparable to Scotland use their full powers of independence to tailor policies to their own specific circumstances and in doing so achieve better economic and social outcomes than the UK”.

As a whole, the papers will set out a vision for a “fairer, more prosperous and greener Scotland”.

The National: Patrick Harvie will be alongside Nicola SturgeonPatrick Harvie will be alongside Nicola Sturgeon (Image: PA)

They will highlight Scotland’s surplus of natural energy, thriving food and drink sector, world-class universities, advanced manufacturing and world-leading approach to climate change.

Speaking ahead of the launch, the First Minister said: “A year ago the people of Scotland voted for a Parliament with a clear majority in favour of independence and for a referendum once the COVID crisis was over.

“In line with that mandate, we are committed to giving people the information they need and tomorrow we will make the case afresh with the launch of the first in a series of papers called the Building a New Scotland series which will form an updated independence prospectus.

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“Having the full powers of independence does not guarantee a better future – that will depend on the abilities of the people who live here and the quality of the decisions they make – but it is striking just how successful neighbouring countries of Scotland are, compared with the UK.

“They can help point the way to a new Scotland that is wealthier and fairer, more resilient and better placed to help people with issues such as the cost of living crisis than a UK Government committed to a hard Brexit whatever the cost.

“The Building a New Scotland series will set out openly the challenges a newly independent Scotland would face, how they could be overcome as well as the opportunities that come with independence – as demonstrated by the success of comparable independent nations as well as our own resources and talents.

“Scotland’s future is a matter for all the people who live here and I look forward to the debate on how we can build that new better country we know is possible.”

It comes after the First Minister kicked off the indyref2 campaign with an exclusive article in the Sunday National