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PEOPLE across the UK are struggling to afford even the costs of living amid Brexit, inflation, energy spikes, and the price of having a crooked Tory government in charge.

Some of those suffering through hardship have had to turn to food banks to stock up on the necessities. Others might turn to baby banks for help dealing with the often exorbitant costs involved with raising a child.

You might think then, that a baby bank is hardly the place for an all-smiles photoshoot with one of the most privileged people on the planet.

You might think that.

Showing that even being royal doesn’t guarantee class, the Countess of Strathearn went to north London on Wednesday.

While there, reports say she “helped a mother pick out items”. She then knelt down to greet two young children sitting in a buggy.

“You forget how tiny they are!” Kate said: “I remember those days.”

She added: “It’s a busy time, but so wonderful.”

Absolutely wonderfully busy. We’re sure that’s how the young mothers who visit the baby bank feel as well.

Kate then posed for a photograph (or 56) before chatting to celebrity hairstylist John Frieda. Who else?

The whole visit was an exercise in vulgarity – but while Tories who smile and pose at food banks get rightfully called out, Kate’s media coverage has been predictably fawning.

Just look at some of these smiling photos that came from it...

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Actually, that's more than enough.