READERS who missed our 16-page Manniefest special edition can now catch up with the top articles featured inside on our website – scroll down to the bottom of this article for a full list.

We published a bumper edition on Saturday to mark the main day of the Golspie event in the shadow of the Duke of Sutherland statue known as the Mannie.

It was edited by Lesley Riddoch, produced by Yes Highlands and Islands and supported by the Scottish Independence Foundation – in collaboration with The National.

The supplement set out a vision for the Highlands and Islands in an independent Scotland, with articles from a wide range of contributors.

Digital subscribers can also access the full 16-page supplement in the archive of our editions, accessed by clicking "digital edition" at the top-right of our site.


National deputy editor Stewart Ward said: “Lesley and the Manniefest team, along with Yes Highlands and Islands, pulled together a fantastic set of contributors."

All of the articles will have the paywall gate removed so that they are free to read, even if you have already exceeded your monthly number of free articles.

Ward added: “Our paywall model helps us stay sustainable as a paper – but we know some articles need to be widely read to advance the cause.

“It’s the support of our subscribers and loyal readers that allows us to do this, and to run projects such as the Manniefest supplement. If you’d like to support our efforts, please consider trying out a digital subscription after reading some of these articles – we have a 30-day free trial right now.”

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Below are the articles you can find online: