BORIS Johnson has written a desperate letter to MPs begging them for support in a last-ditch attempt to save his premiership.

The Prime Minister is preparing to face a no confidence vote on Monday evening after at least 54 Tory MPs sent letters to 192 Committee chair Sir Graham Brady expressing their lack of support for Johnson.

Now Johnson has attempted to get his colleagues on side with a three-page letter explaining why they should get behind him.

His letter says MPs should support him because he and his Government took "tough but responsible decisions" during the pandemic and have formed a "new and friendly" relationship with the European Union.

He goes on to say: "From tackling social care to striking an economic and migration partnership with Rwanda, we have shown time and again we can be trusted to deliver bold and innovative solutions to difficult and longstanding problems.

"Over the next few weeks, Rishi and I will be setting out all the way in which we will be using Conservative principles to take advantage of our new freedoms, cut costs and drive growth.

"We will cut the costs of government. We will cut the costs of business. And we will cut the cost of families up and down the country.

"By throwing ourselves into this project, we will deliver above all on what we were elected to do in 2019 - uniting and levelling up, with high wage high skill jobs across the whole country.

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"We can do it, but it will need all our collective resolve to help our country through what will be difficult months ahead.

"I know that under recent months I have come under a great deal of fire, and I know that experience has been painful for the whole party. 

"But I cannot stress too much that we have a golden chance to put this behind us now.

"With your support, I believe that tonight we have a great prize within our grasp."

MPs Jesse Norman and anti-corruption tsar John Penrose have both shared scathing letters this morning criticising the Prime Minister's record. 

Penrose has announced he will be resigning as Johnson's anti-corruption champion, accusing him of breaching the Ministerial Code.

He said: "My reason for stepping down is your public letter last week, replying to your Independent Adviser on the Ministerial Code about the recent Sue Gray report into 'partygate'.

"In it you addressed the concerns over the Fixed Penalty Notice you paid, but not the broader and very serious criticisms of what the Report called 'failures of leadership and judgement' and its conclusion that 'senior leadership at the centre must bear responsibility for this culture'.

"You will know that the Nolan Principles of Public Life are absolutely central to the Ministerial Code and that the seventh of them is 'Leadership'.

"So the only fair conclusion to draw from the Sue Gray Report is that you have breached a fundamental principle of the Ministerial Code - a clear resigning matter."