MIKE Myers has revealed that he chose to voice iconic character Shrek with a Scottish accent due to his love for Scottish people.

In a video interview with Vanity Fair, in which the 59-year-old actor reflected on the 2001 animated comedy as well as fan favourites Wayne's World and Austin Powers, he talked about having the idea of how to voice the lovable ogre.

Myers said he wanted to make a change to make Shrek represent the working people in contrast to royalty, like the film's villain, Lord Farquaad.

He said: “I always thought that ogres were working people, growing up as a working person. I tried it as a Canadian, and it just didn’t have any oomph.

“And then I said, ‘Can I record it again as Scottish?’ Because I know fairy tales are a Eurocentric form.

“Scottish people are near and dear to me. I have relatives in Scotland and they’re working people. It’s a working people accent.

“And they went, ‘No, we like it the way it is.’ And I said, ‘Oh, come one, just let me.’

“Steven Spielberg said, ‘Well, why don’t you try it once?’"

Myers revealed that Spielberg then admitted the character was “way better” with a Scottish accent.

He added: “He sent me a lovely letter, Steven Spielberg, saying, ‘You’re so right. It’s way better as Scottish. Thank you so much.’”

Myers took on the voice role after the passing of Saturday Night Live star Chris Farley, who recorded nearly all of the dialogue in a New York accent before he died in 1997. 

He also rebuked claims that re-recording cost millions of dollars, adding: “They spent some money but not the amount of money that has been reported in the press, I’d like to point out."

Myers continued by saying that he was so determined for the sound to be perfect, he re-recorded it again without taking a cent. 

He said: “And by the way, I recorded it all for free one more time and just happy to do so ‘cause I wanted it to be good.

“And there we have Shrek being Scottish.”