HOMICIDES are at the lowest level since 2013 but violent crime has increased, new figures have revealed. 

Statistics from Police Scotland's performance report show there was an 11.2% increase in incidents of violent crime from the previous year.

Between April 2021 and April 2022 there were 63,789 incidents of violent crime in Scotland, 2.1% higher than the 5 year average.

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Despite this there were only 51 homicides, 10 less than the 2020-2021 reporting period.

Fewer attempted murders have also been recorded, compared to the previous year.

The ‘detection’ of violent crimes, meaning the police determine an offence has been cleared up through a formal sanction or by deciding no further action is necessary, also increased, but at a lower rate than recorded crimes.

The National: The figures were revealed in Police Scotland's latest quarterly performance reportThe figures were revealed in Police Scotland's latest quarterly performance report

Sexual crimes were 13.7% higher than the previous year and 17% above the five year average, but the detection rate for these crimes fell from 58.2% last year to 53.5%.

The number of rape cases recorded was at the highest number in the last 5 years, while 1.5% less cases were resolved.

Domestic abuse incidences decreased on the previous year, but were still higher than the five year average.

Deputy Chief Constable Fiona Taylor said there was more to do in order to tackle violence.

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In the introduction to the report she said: “A reduction in the number of homicides is welcome but there is more to do in order to tackle violence, including working with our partners to prevent offending.

“Police Scotland takes domestic abuse very seriously and we have specialist officers who work in communities across the country to tackle these offences."

Taylor added that Police Scotland have commissioned a review into "public protection" in a bid to "adapt and respond to shifting demand". 

She said: “We are committed to improving how we respond to reports of rape and sexual crime and engaging with survivor groups plays a key role in how we can improve.

“Since April 2021, Police Scotland has received feedback from nearly 490 rape survivors to better understand their experiences.

“The feedback received was 83.9% positive, but we recognise there is still much more to do as we seek to further develop our Violence Against Women and Girls strategy.”