A PRESSURE group’s anti-monarchy billboards have gone up in Scotland ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Campaign group Republic launched the campaign calling on people to "make Elizabeth the last".

The group raised £43,000 to fund the UK-wide program, which features advertising in Glasgow and Dundee.

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A spokesperson for Republic said: “What the fanfare and TV coverage will gloss over is the fall in support for the royals over recent years.

“Yet as we approach the end of the Queen's reign the country needs to start talking about moving on and getting rid of the monarchy.

The National:

“The Queen is the monarchy for most people, she's the one who sustains support for the institution. The idea that we should all sit back and accept Charles as our head of state is going to be questioned by a lot of people.

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“The monarchy is wrong in principle, wrong in practice and it's bad for British politics. Without the Queen protecting the royals, with more controversial and divisive men in charge of the monarchy change will be much easier to achieve.

The National:

“These billboards are part of a wider move to generate a bigger, louder public debate about the future of the monarchy.

“Recent polls now show more than one in four want the monarchy abolished, while support has dropped from 75% to 60%.”