BRAVEHEART star Mel Gibson was heckled by fans shouting “freedom” as he spoke about Scottish independence at a plush meet and greet event.

The Hollywood star hasn’t been to Scotland since the Braveheart film premiere held at Stirling Castle in 1995.

During an event at the Glasgow Double Tree Hilton Hotel on Sunday, Gibson was asked about Scottish independence during an “Experience With” dinner where fans shelled out between £100 and £1000 for the event.

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Those who wanted a photograph with Gibson paid out an extra £300.

Speaking at the event, The Scottish Sun reports that 66-year-old Gibson told the crowd: “I have no right to comment because I’m not even a Scot. I got adopted by some people.

“I think the most interesting aspect of that whole thing is that a piece of art can change things in a profound and meaningful way.

“That’s a stunning thing. I wasn’t trying with Braveheart, it just happened.”

His answers were reportedly interrupted by audience members shouting “Freedom” and “Wallace, Wallace”, the newspaper adds.

The National: Gibson as William Wallace in Braveheart Gibson as William Wallace in Braveheart

The trip is the first to Scotland in 27 years, and kicked off his trip dining in Glasgow’s popular Mister Singh’s Indian restaurant.

After arriving by private jet on Friday last week, Gibson was given a private booth at the restaurant ahead of the meet and greet event.

Gibson was reportedly a big fan of the Indian restaurant during his time filling the William Wallace epic and was a regular customer.

He was spotted again on Saturday night at Tiffney’s Steakhouse in Otago Street in the West End of Glasgow.

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In a post on Facebook, the restaurant revealed: "Tonight we welcomed Mel Gibson but he didn’t want us to take his picture!

"We can confirm however, he thoroughly enjoyed his steak!"

The meet and greet event was described as "a true once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close to one of the most significant names in Hollywood, and listen to his story live and unscripted for the first time anywhere in the world".

Our sister paper the Glasgow Times has also reported that a Glasgow make-up artist was booked by Gibson in an opportunity of a lifetime, just a day after her 19th birthday.