A COMMUNITY council meeting was cut short on Monday night after footage of a naked man was played over discussions, with the person apparently making lewd comments to members.

Argyll and Bute councillor Andrew Vennard was about to give an update on the recent Oban Community Council election when he was virtually interrupted by video of a man in a bath.

The man, who said in the video that his name was Kevin Wright, is said to have appeared on the Zoom screen exposed in a full bath of water, only barely covering his private parts.

He then allegedly addressed members of the community council, making vulgar comments.

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He said to Marri Malloy, the community council chair: “Keep talking dirty to me, I like that.”

Asked by member George Berry who the man was and what his position at the group was, the man replied: “69”.

The man apparently proceeded to make rude comments to members, asking Malloy what she is going to do about it.

One member suggested the man should be muted but the group made a decision to end the meeting.

Speaking to The Press and Journal, Malloy said the incident was “absolutely disgusting” to witness.

She said: “I’m fine, I thought at first it was someone we knew having a joke but it was absolutely disgusting.”

The council set up a new meeting and after sending out new invites via email, the session resumed.

The community council was set to talk about the Oban Harbour revision order as well as a new roundabout on the outskirts of the town.

The National: Community council members were discussing a revision order for the Oban Harbour on Monday nightCommunity council members were discussing a revision order for the Oban Harbour on Monday night

During the new Zoom call, community councillor Jessie MacFarlane spoke of her safety concerns after the incident. 

She said: “I was frightened, I went and made sure my doors were all locked.”

Malloy suggested that the community council go back to only giving out Zoom passwords to enter the meeting to those who wanted to join.

Speaking about the naked man, community councillor Berry said: “Somebody like that, so cowardly, I would love to get him with a 2×4 lump of wood on a dark night.”

Fellow community councillor Duncan Martin added: “I guess the problem is we wanted to make it easier for the public to join. And we made it easier for the public to join.”

MacFarlane replied: “We don’t want that kind of public.”

Those at the community council session don’t know who the man is but Martin said "he was obviously from somewhere south of the Border going by his accent".

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Asked if anyone recognised him, community councillor Stewart McIver said: “I don’t think it’s even his own picture. If I looked like that I wouldn’t be publicising it.

“I would be hiding away. He looks like he needed a good plate of mince and tatties.”

Malloy ended the meeting by saying: “Thank you for participating. I know it was a bit of a farce halfway through. Funny at first, but not so funny later.”

However, Wright contacted media outlets on Wednesday to deny hacking into the meeting.

Wright spoke to The National to say that a screen recording of his OnlyFans content had been taken and played over the meeting and that he was not involved.

He also told the Press and Journal he feels “violated” and that he will be contacting the police.

Wright goes by the online persona Mruktiktokofficialworld and has claimed to be the victim of a trolling campaign where people set up website pretending to be him.

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A number of comments have been made accusing him of being a scammer and a fraudster, but he said: “I am none of the above.”

A Police Scotland statement said: “Around 2pm on Tuesday, 31 May, 2022, a complaint was made to police after unauthorised access was gained to an online local community council meeting in Oban held on Monday, 30 May, and inappropriate sexual comments were made.

“Enquiries are ongoing into the incident.”