SCOTS are less impressed with the Queen’s performance as head of state than anywhere else in the UK, a new survey has revealed.

Only 75% of Scots agreed the Queen had done a good job during her 70-year reign, compared to 84% of the UK as a whole.

Prince Charles was far less popular, with 52% of those asked in Scotland predicting he would do a good job as King compared to a UK-wide 57% approval.

While Prince William was more popular than his father, with 69% of Scots predicting he would make a good ruler, this figure was still 8 percentage points less than the UK average. 

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Conservative Party and Leave voters rated the Queen positively at 92% and 91% respectively, the YouGov survey found.

The survey also found young people were far less likely to approve of the job the royals are doing, with only 56% of 18 to 24 year olds suggesting the Queen had done a good job, and only 29% believing Charles would be good as King.

This is in contrast to 94% of over 65s believing the Queen had done well on the throne.

Young people also foresaw less success for Prince William than older generations, with only 51% believing he would do well compared to 87% of over 65s.

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A spokesperson for Republic, a pressure group campaigning to replace the monarchy with an elected head of state, said: “There are only 45% [of people] that want to keep the monarchy in Scotland according to another recent poll.

“When people think about ‘is the Queen doing a good job as the Queen?’ they are really using her as her own yardstick.

“If you look at countries like Ireland, Iceland, Finland, and elsewhere, there are plenty of elected heads of state that get poll ratings just as high, and a lot higher than those of Charles and William."