Snoop Dogg has announced he will be scrapping all the international dates from his 2022 tour due to “unforeseen scheduling conflicts”.

The rapper took to Instagram to reveal he’s “canceling all upcoming non-U.S. tour dates” for the remainder of 2022.

“Family obligations and upcoming tv and film projects” would be among the reasons.

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This means his gig at the OVO Hydro will also be cancelled.

The show was originally scheduled to take place on March 2, 2022, and had been postponed to August 26, 2022.

In a statement, he referred to Covid as a reason for the change in date: “My biggest priority is to keep my team and my fans safe, due to ongoing issues with the pandemic we have to push back again to make sure we can go to every country on the tour in a safe way.”

The rapper had been booked to perform concerts at venues across the UK and Europe in August and September this year, in support of his 17th album I Wanna Thank Me, and documentary of the same name.

He had recently announced he would be visiting Glasgow if Celtic won the championship.

He had said: "My Bhoys are not there yet but after their win against Rangers, they are getting close to winning the championship.

“Snoop hasn’t booked his ticket just yet but the passport is out of the safe.

“As soon as they are champions, you better believe I am on that flight to Glasgow.

“The night is going to go off and whatever they want to do, it’s all going to be on Snoop.

“The champagne is going to be out and we are going to get it poppin’.

“For real, I love Indian food and always get the best curry in the UK.

"So if there are any good Indian restaurants in Glasgow, we can start the night there and I will hire out the whole place.”