A TORY councillor has received a Twitter backlash for complaining that Glasgow City Council has no major plans to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Thomas Kerr, the leader of the Glasgow Conservative Group, took to Twitter to describe the lack of celebrations in the city as “shameful”.

He tweeted: "For 70 years, Her Majesty has been a towering figure of hope for our country.

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"The fact Glasgow City Council has NO events for her platinum jubilee is shameful. However, like many Glaswegians, I'll be celebrating this historic milestone."

However, the tweet caused a stir with many users on the site taking issue with Kerr’s sentiment.

One said: “So you would rather gcc wasted 10s of thousands of £s on something the majority of glaswegian couldn't careless about than say feeding the homeless, helping small businesses, schools, youth groups etc?”

Another wrote: “I am delighted. Spending money on frivolity in a time of financial crisis….what’s the Tory party favourite line?…..oh yes, that ‘Now is not the time!’ Thank you Glasgow."

A Glasgow local commented: “As a Glasgow resident, I’m glad the council isny wasting money on a bloody jubilee event. She wants a party, let her pay, she can afford it.”

The Platinum Jubilee celebrations will be held across the UK next weekend with the Queen taking residence in Scotland in the run-up to the event.