The National:

AS the UK is gripped by Platinum Jubilee hysteria, big brands are cashing in on the bizarre fascination with all things royal.

Consumers across the UK are estimated to spend £408 million on the celebrations with £281.5m going on souvenirs, memorabilia and gifts, according to the Centre for Retail Research.

With that in mind, here’s a list of the funniest items to get the jubilee treatment.

Salad Queen

It doesn’t even rhyme. The innocuous staple condiment has been rebranded to have the queen shoe-horned into its name because this apparently sells.

Pizza Hut crown crust pizza

KFC introduced the coronation chicken tower burger, but we felt Pizza Hut's crown crust pizza epitomised the luxury that is so synonymous with royalty. It would seem the only discernible difference is the twist-off crusts that resemble the shape of a crown.

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Corgi emoji

The Queen’s favourite pupper is increasingly ubiquitous in the run up to her Platinum Jubilee. The dog is adorning items of confectionary all over the country but here it is in its purest form – the emoji. The royal family released the digitised image to make it that little bit easier to express our royal sentiments to friends and loved ones. How wonderful.

Sterling Silver Round Locket With Optional Engraving

For the modest price of £62 you can have pictures of you and your partner ensconced in a Jubilee branded silver locket for a timeless expression of your love for the monarchy and your significant other.

If you don’t have someone in your life to be set in silver with then you could always have two miniatures of the Queen and the late Prince Philip.

An engraving is optional at an extra £10.

Walker’s shortbread Jubilee tin

Available to buy for £12, the limited edition tin is adorned with the face of the Queen. Filled with “Union Jack Shortbread” that might not last amid hungry partygoers, the tin itself is expected to be a valued commemorative keepsake. Likely to be found keeping your granny’s sewing kit in 15 years time.