WORKPLACES are recognising the importance of HR after Covid, according to an expert in the field.

Natalie O’Hare, inset, who became managing consultant for BeyondHR in April 2020, was tasked with growing the company’s clients in Scotland and this has grown through word of mouth since.

“It has spread through word of mouth – we haven’t done much marketing,” she told The National.

“Before Covid many businesses winged HR but during Covid they realised they needed proper HR in place. I’ve been amazed at the support.

“We are able to guide businesses in a better way which saves them time and money and there’s someone there in case something goes wrong. We need to keep them one step ahead of the game.

“Employment legislation is forever changing. It can be quite scary and time consuming for business owners. We’re more than just an advice line as we also offer practical help and support.”

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BeyondHR targets companies with 150-200 employees in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. O’Hare says Scotland is an “excellent place to run a business as the entrepreneurial spirit is strong”.

She added: “Scottish businesses are determined to progress and grow. The Scotsman said it is the best place in the UK to start a business. Businesses like Amazon and JP Morgan have made the decision to set up in Scotland and it shows how well we run as a business community.

“Covid has been a challenge but some positives have come out of the last two years. We have had to move to virtual meetings and support. We can still provide support without being on the premises and geographically it’s not an issue.”

In the next 10 years, O’Hare wants BeyondHR to be the largest independently-owned independent HR company in Scotland as well as branching out in England and Wales.