THE SNP have nominated a LibDem to be the Lord Provost of Scotland’s capital.

Robert Aldridge, the longest-serving councillor for the City of Edinburgh, has been proposed for the role by the council’s largest party.

It comes after Green councillors agreed a deal to support a minority SNP administration.

The SNP, while the largest party, did not achieve a majority on the capital council.

The deal still needs to be approved by Green members and will be put to them at a meeting on Tuesday.

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Aldridge, who has served on Edinburgh Council for more than 30 years, represents the Drum Brae/Gyle area of the city.

If Green members approve the deal, it is expected the SNP and Greens will put forward a joint list of appointments to senior council roles, including council leader, at the full council meeting on Thursday.

The Lord Provost is the ceremonial head and the formal chair of the council.

Adam McVey, the SNP group leader who hopes to be re-elected as council leader, said Aldridge’s experience and ability to work across party lines made him an “excellent choice” for the position.

He added: “We have worked hard with the Green group to develop a coalition proposal which delivers on both our manifestos, and will make our city fairer, greener and more inclusive.

“If our joint proposal is approved on Tuesday by Green branch members, we believe we can form an administration that will meet the challenges we face as a city and deliver on our promises to residents.

“But we also recognise that as a minority administration we will need to work constructively.

“As a long-standing and experienced councillor, we think Robert would be an excellent choice for civic leader. He will facilitate respectful dialogue between councillors which will be needed to help us reach consensus.

“He has worked cross-party in the past to deliver the best outcomes for our city. So we would like to start building that much-needed consensus now, by backing him to become the Lord Provost.”