NICOLA Sturgeon says she’s been “knocked for six” over the weekend after testing positive for Covid-19.

The First Minister revealed she had been experiencing mild symptoms on Friday evening, stating she would “hopefully” be back out and about later this week.

But in an update on Monday, the FM said she’s having to remain at home with the “nasty” illness.

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Taking to Twitter, she urged people to get all doses of the vaccine if they have not already, adding that she feels “extremely grateful” to have been vaccinated.

“Thanks for all the well wishes,” she said. “The virus has really knocked me for six the past couple of days.

“So while I hope to be back fighting fit very soon, I’m having to stay at home for now.

The National: The FM said she was grateful for the vaccination programme The FM said she was grateful for the vaccination programme

“Once again, this time from personal experience, please do get all doses of vaccine if you haven’t already. Covid can be nasty and vaccination protects against much more serious illness.

“Right now, I’m feeling extremely grateful for that.”

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Sturgeon’s positive test came after she met with Sinn Fein vice-president and first minister designate of Northern Ireland, Michelle O’Neill, at Bute House on Friday.

Sinn Fein confirmed that O’Neill had tested negative following the meeting.

The First Minister had also travelled to the US last week, where she addressed the Brookings Institute in Washington DC and met US Speaker Nancy Pelosi.