A FAMILY living in Stornoway were stunned to discover an unexpected guest at their front door this week.

Norrie Macdonald was at home in Maclean Terrace on Thursday when he found a 3ft exotic snake sitting on his doorstep.

Norrie's wife Marina was shocked as he came back inside to tell her: “There’s a snake at the door.”

The National:

The family got in touch with Richard Robinson of Willowglen Garden Centre in the town, which sells exotic animals.

Robinson put on his gloves and rushed out to the home to safely pick up the lengthy snake before rehousing at his shop.

He took to the business’s social media accounts to share a picture of the snake and asked if anyone had lost it.

Amazingly, the snake has been reunited with its owner – who told Robinson it had escaped three months ago.

“They can survive outside – as this one has shown,” Robinson said. “They can shut down their bodies.”

He added: “This one was hungry, but in good condition.”

The creature, which is harmless and Native American, appears to have safely endured months of cold winter and spring weather on Lewis. During this time of year, temperatures tend to be below 10 degrees Celsius.