A LABOUR councillor has been branded “disgraceful” after he told a female candidate she had been “pumped” in the local elections.

Andrew Duffy-Lawson was slammed after he made the charged comments to a female opponent on Twitter.

SNP staffer Julia Stachurska (below) failed to win in the local elections earlier this month and was also defeated in a by-election in the North Lanarkshire ward of Murdostoun.

The National:

He was mocked by Stachurska for a thread of tweets he posted, in which he claimed the council had been delivered to a “collation [sic] of chaos”.

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Duffy-Lawson (below, left) lashed out at his rival after she retweeted his comments with the caption: “I had to double-check if this was a parody account.”

The National:

He responded: “Nope. Just somebody who won an election this year and didn’t get pumped in 2 elections, 2 years in a row.”

Stachurska told The National the Labour man’s comments were “disrespectful”.

She said: “The language Councillor Duffy-Lawson has used is certainly concerning. Personal abuse online is never acceptable, especially towards young women who are already so marginalised from the political world.

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“I hope Councillor Duffy-Lawson apologises for his disrespectful language as it isn't in line with the councillor Code of Conduct, and is frankly, disgraceful."

The National:

Other social media users leapt to her defence, with one telling him the comment was “immature and arrogant”.

South Lanarkshire SNP councillor Ross Clark said: “I assume you haven’t read the councillor’s code of conduct Andrew. I suggest you do so and act with a bit more class.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Mibbe a wee bit of grace and decorum is in order when you've just been booted out of administration, eh?

“Rather than treating the people of North Lanarkshire to shite patter and juvenile rubbish for the next 5 years.”

Labour had previously run the council with the help of the Tories but lost out to the SNP who have formed a minority administration in North Lanarkshire.

Scottish Labour was approached for comment.