A NEWLY elected Tory provost has admitted he is not a “popular” choice for the senior council role.

In a candid moment, Douglas Dodds said that while it gave him “great pleasure” to take on the ceremonial role at Stirling Council, he was aware of his unpopularity.

Decked in his official chains, Dodds said: “It gives me great pleasure to be nominated as provost, I know it’s not a popular choice.

“But there you go. I’m now the provost.”

It comes after Labour councillors in the local authority did a “grubby” deal with the Tory group to lock the SNP out of power, despite coming third.

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The SNP are the biggest party on the council, with eight members to the Tories’ seven and Labour’s six. One independent and one Green were also elected.

Despite Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar barring his councillors from entering coalitions with any other parties, Stirling Labour have backed the appointment of a Tory provost, while their Chris Kane was elected leader.

Dodds was voted in by the Tory and Labour councillors, securing 13 votes, the Stirling Observer reports.

Kane told the paper: “As a minority administration, we know that the SNP and Conservative Groups can vote together against Labour policies.

“Issue by issue, Labour councillors have to find common ground with all elected members. We must work hard and we must work with respect.

“On Thursday, the council meets for the first time to appoint councillors to the many committees, public bodies, external organisations and boards we are required to serve on.

“We spoke with the SNP group about nominating a provost and they declined. We spoke with the Conservative group and they agreed.”